Second Street Quarry Club

Fishing and Family Fun

                             Our Mission Statement

 The mission of our club is to provide a fun, safe, relaxing environment for our members to gather with family and friends for an enjoyable day of fishing, cooking, out by the water, or just to take in a beautiful day all while being in town close to home without spending hundreds of dollars to do so.


  •      Picnic Area
  •      Row Boating with Life Preservers
  •      Swing Set for Kids
  •      Grills
  •      Summer Picnics
  •      Annual Fishing Contests
  •      Fully Insured
  •        Contact us at to use the Quarry for your next gathering or troop meeting.



  •      Brook Trout
  •        Brown Trout
  •        Rainbow Trout
  •      Golden Trout
  •      Tiger Trout
  •      Largemouth Bass
  •      Smallmouth Bass
  •      Rock Bass
  •      Bluegill
  •      Channel Catfish
  •      White Catfish
  •      Black Crappie
  •      Yellow Perch
  •      Walleye
  •      Carp


Contact Us

Second Street Quarry Club 380 North Second Street Wrightsville, PA 17368

Contact us at secondstreetquarryclub to become a member!



Upcoming Events

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